Everesting for Cancer

“Everesting” is a simple cycling challenge – climb 29,029 ft in one continuous ride.  

But there are also some specific rules to follow based on the Everesting Website

  • “Rides can be of any length, and on any hill or mountain.”
  • “Rides must only focus on one hill or mountain per ride (e.g. you can’t base yourself in one location and ride multiple hills). You cannot ride different routes on the same mountain. If there are 4 routes, that means there are 4 possible ‘everestings’ (think of it like the North and South face of Everest).”
  • “Rides cannot be loops – that’s for Sunday mornings”
  • “It does not matter how long the ride takes, but it must be ridden in one attempt (i.e. no sleeping in between). Breaks for meals etc. are fine. You can break for as long or as little as you like.”

The challenge is far less about your physical ability.  Success is about having a good plan, a good pace, and keeping your mental game together.


Our local climb is Old La Honda 

Avg. grade: 8% (elev. gain/dist)
Length: 3.1 miles (5.39 km)
Elev. gain: 1281 feet (393 m)

  • 23 loops for Everest
  • 15 loops for Kilimanjaro
  • 12 loops for the Death Ride





Here are the ride details: http://www.strava.com/routes/1277981