People often wonder what we are all about. So, whether you are joining us for one ride or a whole season, here is what you should know about Menlo Bike Club (MBC).

We are a non-profit with a mission to

Build an inclusive community of passionate cyclists.  Give back to our community through our cycling.

Our Start – The club started in 2012 by Hani Juha and Scott Johnson. In 2016, we became a non-profit.

Joining – We are a non-profit.  Joining means that you fill out the Waiver and and join our rides

Community – We are not a racing team, but a community that really enjoys every aspect of cycling.

30 miles – Our average ride is 30 miles. And we often give options to go shorter and longer. Here is our monthly ride schedule.

  • Home Base is Woodside Town Hall unless we are doing our monthly field trip.
  • Week 1  (25 miles) of every month is our recovery ride.  This is the perfect time for new riders to join.
  • Week 2 (35 miles) of every month has a bit more miles, but low intensity
  • Week 3 (45 miles) of every month is higher intensity
  • Week 4  (45 +) is a wildcard

Our Events – Every year we set target events for the club. These activities are intended to motivate us to experience different aspects ( century, tours, cyclocross) of cycling.

Giving – Canary Challenge and Tour de Menlo are just two ways that we give back to our community.

ClinicsOur Clinics are designed to improve your riding knowledge and skills.

Social – We are social on facebook and active on Strava. Don’t like facebook? No problem, all our important information goes out to our google group.