Endurance training does not mean that you always have to do four hour rides and two hour  runs.  And that also suggests that you have the  luxury of time.  Science, studies, and my personal experience as a coach are suggesting that frequent, short duration (30 minutes -2 hour) activities achieve […]

Training – Frequency, Intensity, Qauntity

After 9 months of training and racing, it is safe to assume that physical and mental fatigue are a reality.  Being tired and injured are the easy signs to read at this point in the year.  But the more subtle signs come from mental fatigue.  Healthy diets may be sacrificed. […]

Mental Training for the Off-Season

As adventure racers, we are constantly setting goals.  Small ones like: make it to the next hilltop, make it to sunrise, make it to the next port-a-potty…, or big ones: finish Primal Quest, place in the top three in GoldRush, and make it to the next port-a-potty… Training is the […]

Goal Based Training – Adventure Racing